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my parents-

well this is a long one

well i don’t they were ever that happy together. when they was…. the argueing. the times my me and brother would be in caught in the middle of it all. seeing your parents cry. now thats hard to watch. at least my dad cant be a cunt anymore. i mean i love him, like im his little girl. but hes still a cunt. going to cheat on my mum in the same block of flats and she walking in on you? like really. wow what a fucking role model. and thats only one of the many things he did. 

But at least its all over now. and my mum is so much happier. and im so much more close to her now which is great. she smiles so much. shes bubbly and full of life now. he has a gf which isn’t too easy to handle. his daughter goes to my school… and that defaintly isn’t easy. like when people take this piss i just laugh it off. but they don’t know what ive been through with it. anyways before i get angry ahahaha

my mums my best friend and even though she can be SO fucking annoying and can pisssssss me off! i love her with all my heart. and my dad well we have so much jokes LOL and he gives great hugs so hayhoeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


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First Love-

okayokay….so you know that girl that always likes a boy but the boy never likes her? or that nasty bitch comes and takes him away from the girl even before the boy had said how he felt for the girl? YAAAAY that girls me.

i don’t really care. and i haven’t ‘liked’ anyone for like a year or some shit now. i mean im not like ‘hearttbroken’ LOL or anything like that. and im not wanting to become a lesbian or be a cat women. im just not looking for anyone. my lifes amazing right now. my friends are amazing and so are my family. and for now im having an amazing life.. without having to give ‘brain’ get ‘licked out’ or any shit like that. i’m just being me…and for now im happy with that.

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Introduce yourself-

hey there.

well my names shannon. im 14. my birthdays in july. i have one brother. my parents are separated. i hated my dad for like 2 years straight afterwards. im something weird like 1 16th irish..but apart from that im full english. but i do wish i was irish though… and all my family act like were all fully irish because we love the place! i have a masssssiveee family. i live my mum and nan as my brothers at uni. me and my brother are so close! i tell him like everything, were so cute ahahahaha. i have soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo many cousins! but i love all of them so much! their all like my sisters and brothers and i wouldn’t let my family out of my life for anything. ANYTHING.

obs in year 10. some days i hate it some days i love it. i got to ricards lodge. tbh its an alright school, some of the teachers i love sososos much. but some i could punch on a daily basis. but aside from them, i could learn so much but i just have mostly never chosen too. NOT GOOD. well i have a few different groups of friends. but my main bestiezzz are probably josie, kara and rhianna. each and everyone one of my friends brings a different side out of me that i love. they all have different things going on and i love variation of them all. 

i’ve probably left so much out but this is so long to do aha. 


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